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Energising Skin Treatments

Supercharge your skin using a combination of intensive technologies and effective ingredients, including high potency Vitamin C. Our five energising skin treatments have been designed to smooth, brighten and lighten the complexion, leaving your skin glowing with radiance and energy.

Vitamin Energiser

The most intensive energising skin treatment.

Indulge yourself and your skin with the optimum combination of exfoliation, intensive Vitamin C infusion using epidermal micro-needling and an activating Vitamin A Rejuvenating Treatment Mask, followed by stimulating lifting and sculpting skin movements.

You’ll leave with a beautifully smooth, luminous complexion – perfect for a special treat or regular monthly skin boosters.

Treatment price: £120

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Vitamin Regeneration

The skin is cleansed and prepared with an enzyme peel to remove dead skin cells and brighten the complexion. A concentrated serum of  SCA growth factor technology with vitamin C is massaged into the skin using a fractional laser probe conducting plasma which sends active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin without using needles! This promotes dermal regeneration to reduce visible signs of aging. This treatment is non invasive and very relaxing!  

Treatment price £100

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Vitamin Reboot

Reboot your skin. The application of high intensity Vitamin C serum follows a dual action skin polish and an energising and brightening light therapy treatment, rejuvenating and reviving your skin and giving it a healthy, luminous glow.

Treatment Price: £70

Vitamin Refresh

Smooth and brighten your skin. An AHA mini-peel is followed by an activating Vitamin A Treatment Mask, which is then worked into the skin using a choice of lifting or lymphatic skin movements, leaving the skin fresh and bright.

Treatment price: £70

The Dermal Rescue

This intensive facial infuses your skin with powerful growth factors, awakens your natural regenerative processes and strengthen the foundation of your skin. Following dual-action exfoliation, epidermal micro-needling is performed to activate the skins healing response and maximise the penetration of a potent growth factor serum. A Repairing Treatment mask is applied prior to stimulating lifting and sculpting or lymphatic skin movements. A truly relaxing facial resulting in firmer, smoother skin.

No downtime, just fabulous results!

Treatment price: £120

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The Dermal Recovery

Recharges your skin’s energy. The Dermal Recovery combines dual action exfoliation with a high potency growth factor serum to awaken skin cells, followed by rejuvenating and repairing light therapy to restore your skin and give it a healthy glow

Treatment Price: £70

The Dermal Refresh

Refreshes your skin with an AHA mini-peel, followed by application of the ALLSKIN MED Repairing Treatment Mask and a choice of lymphatic or lifting skin movements to increase penetration, leaving your skin fresh and reinvigorated.

Treatment price: £70